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Friday, February 02, 2007

Not Everything Should be About 9/11

I, like many Americans, watched in horror on 9/11. Thanks to television, we got to see if all unfold live. However, I want to now say we need to move on, even if just a little tiny bit. Not everything is about 9/11. 9/11 has created a sense of paranoia in this country that has allowed everyone to overreact about everything.

In response to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force fiasco, one of Boston's city fathers said...

"Just a little over a mile away from the placement of the first device, a group of terrorists boarded airplanes and launched an attack on New York City," police Commissioner Edward Davis said in an interview with The Associated Press

Does that mean if we discovered the 9/11 hijackers had breakfast at a particular Denny's that we could overreact to everything because only a mile away, the 9/11 hijackers had breakfast just a week before they borded planes...?? I mean, come on! Use some fucking common sense, check Google, and get your dignity back. I said the other day that Boston was officially the dumbest city in America. I can't believe they are proving me right so easily!

Now that it's nearly six years later, I vote that unless you lost a close, immediate relative (spouse, parent, sibling, grandparent) that you can no longer use 9/11 as an excuse to: 1) suspend rights, 2) act stupid, 3) pass a law.

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Dumb Get Dumber

This, I think, is my favorite quote from today regarding the Boston Hoax....

"It's clear the intent was to get attention by causing fear and unrest that there was a bomb in that location," Assistant Attorney General John Grossman said at their arraignment.

Personally, I think it's clear that the intent was to get people to watch a cartoon while stoned out of their mind. Come on!

And then, there is this gem...

"It is outrageous, in a post 9/11 world, that a company would use this type of marketing scheme," Mayor Thomas Menino said Wednesday. "I am prepared to take any and all legal action against Turner Broadcasting and its affiliates for any and all expenses incurred during the response to today's incidents."

It's called viral marketing! I think the legal action should be that the Mayor of Boston shuts the hell up!


America's Dumbest City

Well, the title of America's dumbest city officially goes to Boston today. Is it because of their love of the Red Sox? No (but that helps their ranking). It's because they thought the Aqua Teen Hunger Force was coming to get them. Even that idiot Dianne Sawyer laughed at them this morning, and she's borderline retarded!

As a result, I name Boston America's Dumbest City thanks to its
incredible paranoia and then anger because they overreacted. I mean, come on! It's advertising, it's a prank, it's stupid! Why didn't any of the other cities go nuts, lock down, and freak out?

Bravo Boston, Bravo...

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Periodic Roundup and Odds and Ends and the Such

Just one or two interesting things I wanted to get off my chest/bring up...

First, I really hate this guy. Curt Schilling has been out of the news for a while so now he has to have all the attention in the world. "Hey, look at me, I'm a giant asshole!" I really really REALLY hate this guy and hope that he has the shittiest year of his career.

Red Sox Asshole Seeks Attention

Second, I was invited to participate in the National Security Bloggers. I'm not sure I totally get this since I really haven't written about national security at all. I mean, I want to scream when I watch President W . trip/fall/blunder his way through foreign policy and International relations, but I don't find it that interesting to write about. It's too easy to make fun of him, it would be like mocking the retarded.

Finally, I find myself wondering what the hell is wrong with GenY again. They just don't seem to get it. I'm discovering that, as an employer, you have to tell them a lot. just because you have a late meeting doesn't mean you sleep in, be up and ready to go when the office opens. Sometimes I wonder if they have common sense...

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Asshole of the Week

This week the award goes to the Pequannock Township school board. Why? Are they not teaching math and science up to standards? Nah... Did they cut gym class and now all the kids are obese? Nope... They've just moved us one step closer to being a police state. They are randomly testing ALL students at the high school to see if they've been drinking. What a bunch of horseshit!

Let's Just Rip Up the Constitution

If I had a kid in that school, I would forbid him to submit to the test. The school district has no right to pry into the lives of its students in such a fashion.

We've become so paranoid in this country that everything that might harm us or our children needs to become illegal. Being free isn't always safe. Kids might drink, their freedom and privacy is more important than catching them. My wife worries that in 25 years global warming will be a big deal, I worry more that we won't have any rights.

I squarely place blame for this on the shoulders of the baby boomers. They sold out their ideals, they want to shrink wrap everything and make the world a bland place where no one is ever hurt or upset. They are turning their kids into evil little consumerist facists. News like this scares the hell out of me.

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