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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hasta La Vista Prisoners

So, the great state of California has decided that prisoners are like trash, let's move it out of state!

Don't these people have rights of any kind? I believe they do. It would seem to me that one of them would be the ability to receive visits from family. I'll guess that many of them come from poor families and may have mothers, children, wives, brothers, etc. that would like to visit them. How on Earth is someone poor from Fresno going to be able to visit their son in prison out in Indiana?

This reminds me of Robert Moses. He did a lot of good and build many many highways through New York. I use the word through because he would split poor neighborhoods with roads like the BQE (Bronx Queens Expressway). Over the next 20 years, this action hurt these neighborhoods by breaking down social bonds, hurting local economies, etc. Won't the Governator's action have the same effect??

So, young men in prison who maybe screwed up and can still lead productive lives are being removed from another possible support mechanism. The real criminals here aren't the prisoners OR the Governator. It's the prison unions and private companies who are profiting from human trafficking. These corporations are making money off of laws like 3 Strikes or mandatory Minimums. They're the biggest backers of strict law and order punishment.

Maybe we'd be better off keeping them near home and trying to strengthen a natural support mechanism... the family, so that when they get out they have someone who cares about them.

If workers in Indiana want good paying jobs they should stop shopping at Wal-Mart (who has shipped all the light manufacturing overseas).

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Something that Makes Me Happy

My wife is taking some time off from work to re-calibrate her life and her brain. It seems that she's started a blog on cooking...

I hope my one reader will check it out. Of course, that one reader is me so it's kind of pointless for me to set up this link. Hmmmm

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Nation of Pussies

The Baby Boomers are raising a Nation of Pussies. First it was bike helmets, then car seats for 10 year olds, now dumb shit like this...

Why not ban fun? Let's strap kids in like Hannibal Lechter and protect them from their youth.

People wonder why kids are fat, people wonder why the next generation has facist undertones... It's all because of the nanny state being created where we're all told what to do on a constant basis. You know what, if Junior is chasing a kid and trips and skins his knee, tough shit. Maybe he's a clumsy kid. Kids get hurt.

This is reminding me of my feeling that everyone is really, really dumb.

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