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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Have Fun with American Idol

So, don't like American Idol? Want to screw with the people who love it? Want to mess up the chances of the next Clay Aiken? Here's your shot. I heard this on the Howard Stern show yesterday. It's called Vote For the Worst. What is it? It's a web site dedicated to voting for the worst singer on American Idol in an attempt to either 1) prove that the show's producers are rigging the votes or 2) take control of it and crash it into the ground in a glorious ball of flames. Either way, the goal is to vote for the worst singer to make a mockery of the show. Of course, Clay Aiken didn't need it to almost win.

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Celebrity Sighting 2

So, this time I saw a REAL celebrity in the airport. Last time, as many of you know I saw that freak Clay Aiken and caught a ration of shit from the crazies who love him and think he is some new Pagan God.

This time I saw Don Cheadle in the Admiral's Club in LAX. The guy looked like he wanted to be left alone, otherwise I would have said hello and mentioned that my wife's company does good work in the third world, including Rwanda and that I thought he was robbed in the Oscar hunt. I'm guessing he was out promoting his new movie with Adam Sandler as he was on Jimmy Kimmel that night or the next.

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