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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Dirty Pool

This is not a partisan attack. No one side should be allowed to intimidate voters today. I read this on

Election Challengers In Place Ohio voters are facing not just long lines at polling places today, but also the possibility of having their eligibility challenged by party workers.
A federal appeals court has cleared the way for vote challengers to be present at polling places in Ohio.
A three-judge panel in Cincinnati ruled 2-1 early Tuesday that their presence on Election Day is allowed under state law.
The appeals court said that while there is a strong public interest in letting registered voters vote freely, it's also important to "preclude voting by those who are not entitled to vote."
Republicans want to put vote challengers in many polling places because of concerns about fraud. There are hundreds of thousands of newly registered voters in the key presidential battleground state.
Democrats have accused the GOP of trying to suppress Ohio's Democratic turnout.
A Republican challenger standing next to a voting table in a suburban Dayton church today reviewed a list he has as people come in and give their names. He said he hasn't challenged anyone yet. There was no sign of a Democratic observer there.

Now I want the election to be free and legitimate as well, but standing there as old ladies try to vote is just wrong. Its not like the entire country is old-time Chicago and has the dead rising up to vote.

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