Ruined My Life

Thursday, June 15, 2006


I know nobody reads this blog but I still have to rant. I've recently come across a new Web site called and it makes me really worried. Doesn't Generation Y realize that tracking every movement, everything they do is BAD?!? Isn't 1984 required reading anymore?

I know I am paranoid about the government and being tracked and the such but how the hell else do we stay free? Since 9/11 government AND business are trying to take more and more away from us in the name of "protecting our freedom." That's as silly as Big Brother's party slogans...


My wife said that I hate the generation behind me with a black tarry hatred and she is right. The baby boomers screwed up their kids and created a generation of unique conformists who all share a watered down commercial culture that values NOTHING.

Be afraid...

Monday, June 12, 2006

Who Cares

The US lost its first World Cup game. While I feel bad for the guys on the team, I really don't care. I wish ESPN wouldn't cover it, I wish the local paper would ignore it. There is nothing more painful than watching Soccer. Let's get back to the real world championship going on right now... Stanley Cup Hockey!!

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