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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Did I Speak too Soon?

No sooner than I named my first Assholes of the Week and others crawl out of the woodwork wanting the title. Let's look at some runners up...

The American League MVP Voters - How did they NOT give this to Jeter? No Godzilla, No Sheff for the entire year, no pitching and they still finish with the best record in baseball. Why? Derek Jeter.

Diane Sawyer - Just because. This knucklehead fawns over everything. Plus it looks like the rubbed an entire jar of vaseline on the camera that shoots her.

Cosmo Kramer - The heckler was right, you're not funny.

Fox Broadcasting - First you put OJ on, then you take him off. Didn't you know it would upset people??

Diane Sawyer - Whoops, sorry, already mentioned her.

I still think MADD is the winner but man, I guess the holiday weekend brings out the worst in people.

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