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Friday, October 27, 2006

Five Day Periodic Recap

So, why wait until Sunday when there were no posts for the week and not that much happened??

1) My wife ruined a pan. Really it's true, it's on her blog (which I noticed is not correctly linked to here). Sigh.

2) I spent the week in a windowless basement room but I was in California! I was there for a conference which was fun and interesting but I got outside for a total of 37 minutes for the week. In that time I checked e-mail, cursed my laptop, and drank a soda. Though I did manage to have the BEST sushi ever.

3) I saw where the fourth Planet of the Apes was filmed (Century City, very close to Fox Plaza) and laughed everytime I drove under the footbridge, thinking of nothing but Torch Carrying Apes in Jumpsuits. Some days it would be nice if they were real...

4) I'm all jetlagged and confused as to what time it is.

Highlight of the Week
Barely beating out seeing the Planet of the Apes location... Penny Marshall (TV's Laverne from Laverne & Shirley) was on my flight yesterday from LAX to St. Louis. How did I know? They kicked her out of first class to the second to last row of the plane. She wasn't too happy about that arrangement.


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