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Friday, December 22, 2006

My Wife is Trying to Take Over My Blog

My lovely wife doesn't like that she has to cut and paste links within the blog, and since the blogger thingy doesn't work, wants to teach me how to post links. (She just gave me the IT lecture about not being able to teach me properly because I'm on the Mac right now instead of the PC)...

Now I'm hearing the boycott sites that don't support Mac thing again. While I like the Mac, it really is a pain in the ass. I don't care what anyone says it's slower, less stable, takes longer to boot up and crashes ALL the time!!!! She said it would be solved with new memory but it's been like this since we took it out of the box. I think the Mac is better thing is a myth that's all about the interface.

So here is a link for you... How about I post a link to the creepy Gen Y web tracking big brother think Delicious?

Evil Gen Y Tracking Site

My wife is not a bad IT teacher. She didn't do the IT lean once. :)

Just remember, don't use this site. It might look cool but do you really want your web surfing to be tracked that easily? Why make Big Brother's job easy for him???

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