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Saturday, November 25, 2006

What's Wrong with America

So, a lot of people point to one thing and say, that's what is wrong with the US. I don't believe there is one thing wrong with the country, but I will point to TV's Nancy Grace as being one thing wrong with this country. Her ratings-whore attitude, her disregard for the constitution to take the so-called moral high-road for "victim's rights," her an eye for an eye view of the justice system stands against everything our system is based on.

This woman should be arrested for manslaughter. Her behavior likely drove a woman to suicide ( She forgets the idea that you're innocent until proven guilty. She forgets that punishment should never be the sole aim of a justice system. She forgets that maybe rehabilitation should be included somewhere in there.

A lot of people talk about what is obscene, well Nancy Grace is obscene. I hope she gets fired from her job and ends up writing a weekly legal advice column in some dinky paper in the middle of nowhere.



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