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Friday, January 19, 2007

Asshole of the Week

This week's selection... Everyone else. In my hotel room today I saw several fun news stories.

First, Michael Vick. First the whole Ron Mexico fiasco, now he is trying to hide pot in a water bottle. Everyone in the country knows that you can't take liquids on the plane, but this genius decides that taking liquids on the plane is the best way to hide his drugs... GENIUS

He's Only Football Smart, not Smart Smart

Then, I see all this crap about Grey's Anatomy. I know the show is popular, but honestly. WHO CARES??? So one guy insulted the other, made dumb remarks in pulbic, etc. I don't even know who the hell T.K. whatever his name is, or the other guy.

And finally, a radio station morning crew is in trouble and may face charges of manslaughter because an adult woman drank too much water and died trying to win a Nintendo Wii. The coverage of this has been awful. People are actually blaming the radio station? This woman was dumb enough to try to enter this contest, signed a release, and they're to blame?? I'm sorry but she is a fucking idiot and everyone that says the radio station is at fault are bigger fucking idiots. Here are a few websites covering this, the first is great calling it so tragic. It sounds like Darwinism to me.

Piss Poor Coverage

I hope they have the Drink Poison to win a PSIII Contest Next. I can't wait to see how many hopeful contestants will drink hemlock and then have their families blame the radio station for their idiocy.

Maybe the real assholes are the public because they seem to be blaming the station and caring about two idiot actors feuding. At least I didn't have to see Dianne Sawyer talk about it though Mr. Robin Roberts isn't much better.

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