Ruined My Life

Monday, January 08, 2007

The NFL Ruined My Life

God, as Sid put it this weekend was the Footbapocalpsys. First the Coyboys lose on a bad snap extending their playoff futility to ten years. Then the Jets lose and now the Giants get beat by the Eagles! All I can root for now is injury and dashed hopes. My predictions:

1) Marty Shittenheimer will once again implode. Maybe he'll decide to mix it up and not run the ball because that's what everyone expects.

2) Rex Grossman won't be prepared 100% because he'll be thinking about a dentist appointment coming up.

3) The Eagles will continue to win and piss me off.

Beyond that I think I'm prediciting a Bears Colts Superbowl with this being the year Peyton Manning finally wins.

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  • well, I'd like to think the Pats clutch play is more the cause of the recent game's outcome, but Marty was definitely outcoached. I hope your prediction is wrong and Payton is once again befuddled by almighty Bill. (you could never guess who I root for?)

    By Blogger cookingchat, at 8:43 PM  

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