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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Seven Day Periodic Recap

Apparently I can't have a "Weekly Roundup" because it would be stealing from my wife's blog. As such, I am going to have the Seven Day Periodic Recap while on the phone with my wife and she tells me I'm not permitted to have a weekly roundup. So here it is...

1) Got a new head-gasket on my car. Subaru paid for the repair thanks to an extended warranty. Very nice.

2) I worked too much and flew to California at the crack of dawn on Sunday for a conference.

3) I ate some fantastic macaroni and cheese that will make me remember to ask for macaroni and cheese every week.

4) I asked my wife to recap the week but she didn't know what I did this week.

5) I reveived my super asshole Gold card from American Airlines. What does it mean? I'm more special than you on the plane (unless you're Platinum status, then I'm just a smudge on your windshield).

6) I wrote a Seven Day Periodic Recap. I considered changing over to wordpress but I don't know how to use the interface. Sigh.


  • Marty, you are so funny and cute. Your wife is a lucky woman!

    By Anonymous poopyhead, at 1:00 PM  

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