Ruined My Life

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Morning shows are ruining my life

All I want is the weather and a few sports scores. Maybe some hard news like the world is falling apart, that would be nice too. What do I get? Diane Sawyer nearly in tears over the Crocodile Hunter. The guy was irresponsible, why are we surprised. I feel awful for his family, but I'm not shocked.

So that was annoying but expected, but the thing that drove me NUTS was the fawning and cooing and insanity over Tom Cruise's baby. WHO CARES? It's a kid with hair and a funny little face. It's no different than my cousin's baby (who is cuter) or other babies I see. I don't want to see anymore of Tom Cruise. Make a good movie and then we'll talk. War of the Worlds made no sense and it kind of sucked.

To recap... Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts are the devil. Matt Lauer should do more hard news and the guys on CBS just make me chuckle. At least they're trying their little hearts out.


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