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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Big Brother

What in the world is wrong with people? EVERYONE thinks the answer to the world's problems are to give the US Federal Government more information and have them track it to fend of terrorists, bigamists, child molesters, bad grades, tax cheats, poor algebra students, etc. When will people just leave us alone? We have become such a nanny society. In North Carolina the state legislature passed an asinine law to track when I buy cold medicine. Why? To catch meth heads. I just found this Web site calling for a national database of marriages...

Why on Earth would we want that? Its such a dumb fucking idea!! Let's track the movements of people who have not broken the law to catch a few people who might be breaking the law.

How about this, let's fund the police and make them do (gasp) detective work to catch criminals. No more roadside checks for drunks (i.e. warrantless searches), no databases, no more of this bullshit. The beauty of being an American is that we're supposed to be left the fuck alone by EVERYONE else. Our neighbors, our governments, our police... Sigh

People should read about Stalinist Russia and the paranoia that grew from being able to report your neighbor for un-revolutionary activities... The US is slowly turning into that.


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