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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Why is everything in soccer so goddamn melodramatic? The world cup has ended, its time to stop talking about it, but no. There was trash talk (gasp!) and head butting (double gasp!!). So what? That's part of sports!

MILAN, Italy (AP) -- FIFA president Sepp Blatter says Zinedine Zidane could be stripped of his Golden Ball award for the best player at the World Cup due to violent conduct.
"The winner of the award is not decided by FIFA, but by an international commission of journalists," Blatter said in Wednesday's La Repubblica. "That said, FIFA's executive committee has the right, and the duty, to intervene when faced with behavior contrary to the ethic of the sport."

I say to FIFA, don't be such pussies. I might watch soccer if there was MORE headbutting! Add fighting like in soccer. Anything to make it interesting. Even writing about it is making me YAWN sleepy!


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