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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


So, WHFS, the alternative station in Washington DC that has been around for 35 years is no more. Infinity broadcasting decided that it would replace it with a Spanish format, I'm sure because they were concerned about money, money, and more money. Now I don't live in DC, but when I went there, WHFS was the one station I would listen to. It was great! Even a year ago it sounded like radio used to... DJs that knew music, a good playlist, quality tunes. It wasn't crap like most other stations are.

Infinity broadcasting, in all its wisdom decided to pull it. What amazes me is that radio (who recently launched an ad campaign to defend themselves against the attacks from Sat. radio) still doesn't get it. They would rather every station in a format sound the same across the country than allow for quality programming from individuals. We need this industry to be regulated again. Media consolidation will water down our entertainment and news sources into total crap.

Traditional radio is no longer innovative. It is all corporate greed driven. They can claim that they break new artists and set trends all they like. All they really do is herd the sheep to mediocre entertainment. If radio wasn't corporate, Avril, Usher, Ashanti, etc. wouldn't be popular. Why? Because no one would care about them. No DJ would think they were good enough to air. But because the radio companies are owned by companies that own the record companies, they play it. Over and over and over and over again to the point where the average person gets this luke warm junk stuck in their head.

Announcements like this make me very glad that I have switched to satellite radio. Sirius is the way to go. Let's hope it crushes traditional radio like FM did to AM.


  • Yes, yes. Or just play a CD instead. Whatever you like.

    By Blogger Zulu, at 10:48 PM  

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