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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Brad & Jennifer

While I'm sad anyone's marriage fails, I really wish the media would shut up about it. Who cares why they broke up, who cares if he became friends with Angelina Jolie, who cares? Let these people live in peace. The news media should be spending more time on the Bush administration hiring that Williams guy to talk up the No Child Left Behind legislation. THAT'S ILLEGAL! The media should spend more time discussing the war in Iraq and how these elections will be a clusterfuck. Talk about the poor saps in California who had to outrun a giant mudslide that looks like something Hollywood produced.

I know, I should stop ranting like a nutcase but Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston should not be big news. Good Morning America, the Today Show, whatever the hell that crap on CBS is called all gushed over this story like the President, Queen of England, and Soviet Premier had been shot in a whore house together.

What is more distrubing is that a town in Mass. is taking DNA samples from EVERY male resident in an attempt to solve a three year old murder. Why? Because they can't do good, old fashioned police work. What if someone gives their DNA, is cleared of this crime but is then checked against every other rape in the town, or state, or country?!?!? Charlie Gibson (who has sold his journalism school diploma so he can turn into an old woman next to Diane Sawyer) did the worst interview I had ever seen this morning. He actually asked why the guy didn't want to give his DNA and said something like "well if you have nothing to hide..." The man used to be a good reporter.

All of this says a few things to me:

1) Media companies should be regulated again. The news should be about truth, not shareholder return.

2) The news media is becoming increasingly unreliable in being an objective 3rd party.

3) People in this country are insane. They are SO sheltered and rigid in their opinions that they feel that to disagree with something they see on TV is an affront. The news media should grow some balls and go against the dominant paradigm of dumbing everything down and looking at issues from a 3rd grade perspective.

And to think, S. wants me to quit smoking. I'll explode!


  • You're talking like a crazy person, Marty. Calm the fuck down.

    By Blogger Zulu, at 9:41 PM  

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