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Sunday, January 02, 2005

William Shatner

S. was surprised to learn that William Shatner was nearly 80. When she found out she thought he looked amazing. I have to agree. The man is a machine. I bought his first album last week (The Transformed Man) and it's an amazing addition to my collection. Now, since I've gotten Sirius I've heard some stuff off his new album, Has Been. Ben Folds produced it and it's all been great stuff. I need to go buy it. There's something about his delivery that is really different and fresh but its still Bill.

Another band I've heard a lot of lately has been the Zutons. They have this song Pressure Point that is on a Levi's commercial. The one where the dog chases the woman up a tree and brings the jeans back to his owner. The song is really good. It has some classic rock elements that you don't hear many bands trying to play with anymore.


And on a separate note... I don't think you're selfish L. Though considering that 4000 or so died on Sept. 11th and our government paid out assloads of money, those people did alright. These people in the Indian Ocean lost everything. I bet the death toll tops 250,000. That's a lot of people. That's like everyone in Lincoln, Nebraska just vanishing. Or one-half of Portland, Oregon. And now the survivors (millions) are faced with no homes, no jobs, disease, no possessions. It's very hard to put in perspective.


  • Well, let's be honest--if I lost everything in, say, a flood, people in Indonesia most likely wouldn't give a fuck about me either.

    By the way, in that fascinating meditation on William Shatner, you spelled his name wrong.

    By Blogger Zulu, at 11:07 PM  

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