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Saturday, May 07, 2005


Well for the longest time I've seen other blogs and had a bit of, well envy toward them. People with digital cameras and a little know-how have been making these slick pages with pictures and frames and little old idiot me has this jamboree of text. I've been reading just enough that I want to try this. Please let me know how the photo shows up.

The picture is of the Plaza in Santa Fe, NM. At night its really quiet (at least in March it was). During the day, local Native Americans sell stuff on blankets to tourists. Most of it is silver jewelry, but they do sell other stuff as well. Overall, Santa Fe is a nifty place.

Santa Fe Plaza

Well, this photo is my attempt to play with our new digital camera and do some different things with the light filters and shutter speed. So we'll see if my blog now gets more spice, or if I just end up posting the 32 year old man's equivalent of pictures of my grandchildren.


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